Achieving greatness...coaching for peak performance

Athletes, at all levels, need coaches to achieve greatness; high performing business professionals do too.

If you are feeling fatigue or overwhelmed from the continual hamster wheel of life, I can help you re-energize and regain control. My workshops and individual coaching sessions are aimed at transforming your life.  I will coach you in setting goals, making habit changes and creating systems that impact the way you think, eat, work and sleep.

Change is hard. Whether you are trying to begin a new habit, implement a recommendation from your doctor, establish an exercise routine, or make better food choices. I have over 20 years in change management and I can help you determine measurable next steps, encourage your progress and lead you in building systems that bring about lasting change in the way you think, eat, sleep and work. Sign up for a one-on-one consultation. Together, we will move mountains.

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Sleep...a critical ingredient for success.  If you are having problems sleeping or if you are currently neglecting this essential, restorative function, then I can help you get back on track.  Sign up for a one-on-one consultation and begin your climb to high productivity by catching more Zzzs. 

Did you know that exercise REALLY is the best medicine?  A combination of movement and a healthy diet can reverse and restore years of poor choices and hard living.  Schedule an initial consultation with me and we can map out the path to renewed energy.

Just like your car, the fuel you put into your body directly effects the way you feel, the way you think and the way you perform. Making good food choices is hard when you don't know where to begin. Sign up for one of my workshops or consultations and begin your climb to the top by making healthy food choices a routine part of your day.


My Approach

My approach to helping my clients make lasting change is rooted in relationship, assessment, listening, prioritizing and adding value to my clients.  To start, please contact me to schedule your initial 90-minute assessment and consultation.  We'll determine where our journey will begin and map the best trail for the climb to the top.